Hello Mark Zuckerburg, you could implement these features as well on Facebook

We use Facebook on a daily Basis, some of the reason include, it allows us to keep in touch with our friends, has some super cool features et. al., Well, a fellow over at Yo Zuck, has got some super cool feature, which he wants, Mark Zuckerburg to implement on Facebook. We are featuring a few of those over here.


1. Status Update Translate

We have friends all over the world, why have a language barrier when we are the citizens of the 3rd largest country(Facebook) in the world.


2. Drag and Drop Group Chat


A Nifty little drag and drop to make it a person-to-person chat a Group Chat



3. Video Chat


No points for guessing what this does


4. Sneek-a-Peek Scrolling Chat


A little scrolling text appearing to the new chat message receiving from the person you are not chatting to currently.



5. Unified Search

A One-place search all option, where everything from fanpage, to posts, to messages and friends get’s displayed


Head over to  http://yozuck.tumblr.com/ for the complete wishlist!

Dhawal D