Chinese Fellow sells his Kidney to buy an iPad 2

A 17-year-old Chinese boy living in the Anhui province in China sold his kidney for 22,000 yuan, or about $3,400, just so he could purchase an iPad 2. I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it,  the unnamed boy told  Shanghai Daily. A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan. 

This is the boy who sold his kidney for an iPad2

The child and broker arranged the procedure without his parents knowing and he underwent surgery at a Chenzhou hospital. When his parents found out, they notified the police immediately but they have been unable to locate the broker, according to the report.

What’s more, the hospital at which the surgery took place was not qualified to perform the procedure, but the administration claims it was not aware of what was happening because the department that performed the surgery was contracted to a Fujian businessman.

The chinese Fellow now says he regrets his decision.

Dhawal D