Whoever says Microsoft is a Sinking Ship hasn’t watched this – Investments and Acquisitions

You must be heard the news about Mircosoft buying out Skype recently, people saying things like Microsoft is a sinking ship, doing worthless investments and there is no profit involved, Let me tell you my friend you are WRONG.

Microsoft is one of the Greatest companies the World has witnessed, with likes of Bill Gates, it has done fairly great job, Yes, it does things for it’s own good, but which company does, after all business is all about profit.

If you think that Microsoft will fade away soon, Let me disappoint you and let you know that it is NOT going to happen anytime soon.

Robin Richards has made a nifty chart showing Microsoft’s Investments and Acquistions over the years. This, I think, will change the way you look at Microsoft as a company.

Didn’t I tell you that your conception about the Company will change.


Dhawal D