Eco-friendly BIO street Lamps – Concept

Our world needs smart solution of green energy resource in the future, mainly the electricity. An eco friendly energy resource that is taken from nature will create health environment where the human live. Here is an innovative Biolamp, a concept from Hungarian industrial designer Peter Horvath.

This Biolamp is designed in order to convert the CO2 into fuel that can generate the street lamp in entire city road. This Biolamp is a smart solution in creating eco environment in the city.

The Biolamp consists of a liquid, algae combined with water that transforms CO2 into O2 ­. This street lamp called Biolamp is also completed with a pump for sucking the smog. This, in turn helps the flora and fauna to rejuvenate and release more O2. These technologies that alleviate the need of fossil fuels are the way to go if we are to extend our shelf life on this earth.

Dhawal D