Remain Offline or Hide from specific people on Facebook Chat – How to

Everyone’s has got that one family member on Facebook that you just don’t want to talk to, but they bug you every time you sign into Facebook chat anyway—here’s how to sign on without them seeing you online
The simple solution to this problem is to create a new list for the friends you want to hide from, and then set that list to offline in Facebook chat. You can start off by clicking on Friends on the left-hand menu.

Here are the steps to Remain Offline on facebook for specific people


1. Click on Friends > EDIT Friends


2. Click on Create a List



3. Give the list a Name say Hidden Chat and select those annoying people, whom you wish to be offline to.


4.  Now pop up your Facebook Chat screen, and click the little green toggle switch.


At this point you’ll be signed out for those people. Yay!



You can also easily add or remove people from the Hidden Chat list by just clicking the little edit link that launches the List edit screen.

Dhawal D