13 Reasons not to Quit Facebook ’cause we LOVE it!

Well, let’s say we couldn’t resist.

A few days back we gave you 10 reason to quit Facebook, here we are again to give your a few reason NOT to quit Facebook.

  1. Your customers are using Facebook.
    Librarians walk around your library and see what people are doing. I’m guessing you’ll see lots of Facebook users. Maybe you should still be one, too. Or take an Example of a Stadium where you have gone to see a Cricket Match, people use Facebook on their mobile to Update their status’
  2. Your community is on Facebook.
    Quick, go to Facebook and do a search for your city. Narrow the search down to People. Most likely, down at the bottom of that search results page, it says Over 500 results.  That means you just maxed out your search. Lots of people in your community use Facebook.  That you can reach. For free.
  3. Did I mention free marketing?
    ¦ Keep FB ’cause all types of contact, events, photos, discussion posts, WORLDCAT book searching; one stop shop!  Your organization’s Facebook Page includes status updates, event calendars, comments, discussion boards, videos, pictures, instant messaging and private messaging. All ways to reach your community using Facebook (i.e., potentially 41% of your community) for free. Think about it.
  4. Teach proper privacy protocols.
    Instead of getting all oh darn them, I’m gonna delete my account  why not figure out the changes probably then offer classes/blog posts/short screencast videos on how to manage Facebook privacy settings? For starters, make sure to check my Post on Privacy Settings.
  5. Answer questions.
    To keep in touch with users who are on FB and not looking at our websites.  Yes, your patrons can now visit your library online ¦ without ever visiting your actual website. Kinda weird, huh? Are you there for them?
  6. Friend your customers.
    Friend those people you found in #2 above, and start interacting with them. Invite them to your fledgling how to manage your Facebook privacy settings  class! Ask them if they care about privacy it could start some good conversations.
  7. Say hi to your mom.
    Lots of people are on Facebook simply to connect with family. I talk to my sis, my mom and dad, my nieces and nephews, and even a cousin or two via Facebook.
  8. Don’t stop with your Mom connect with friends and colleagues too.
    Because classmates.com charges you when Facebook does same and more for free.  So teach people how to connect with friends, family and those old classmates. I’m enjoying the weird blended mix of personal contacts, professional contacts, friends, and family. All commenting on the same thing at times.
  9. Start conversations.
    Your organization has the potential for lots of Facebook contacts use them for conversations. Send out updates talking about your organization’s stuff. Ask questions. Get responses.
  10. Use Facebook tools to tell Facebook what you think.
    Go ahead set up a Facebook Page or Group dedicated to the evilness of the new Facebook privacy changes (or better yet, Like  one of the many pages that have already been created). People have been vocal with Facebook before, and have succeeded. They actually DO listen to their community (though they seem to apologize rather than ask permission ¦).
  11. Selling your Old Stuffs that you don’t need anymore.
    So you have old mobile phone or a car that you don’t use, use Facebook marketplace to sell it off. Probably, share it on your Wall and let one of your friends Buy it.
  12. Meet like minded People
    Search for Fan Pages and groups that you are interested it, join them, converse increase knowledge and  sociability. Even start a Fan Page or group of your interest. Have people join it.
  13. Advertise your Business
    At a very minimal cost, get your business online with Facebook Ads, increase your brand awareness and get your brand in the eyes of 650+ Million potential clients.


Well, I could go on with the list, but I think I will stop here


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Dhawal D