Say Hello to LIX- The World’s Lightest 3D Pen!

The world of technology has crossed all bounds between the possible and impossible and is now producing gadgets that were only once seen in high tech movies and cartoons. With technology growing at such a fast leap, it seems as if nothing is impossible anymore. From internet controlled bulbs, cheap 3d printers and 3D pens, it seems that we have stumbled into a universe which only seemed possible in cartoons like The Jetsons.

A lot of technological rise can be attributed to the fact that it is now easily accessible and people can use flipkart coupons to get great deals on current hot gadgets which are all the rage in the market. The newest toy to hit the technological scene is Lix the world’s first lightest and sleekest 3D pen which works almost as good as magic. We’d been hearing about 3D printers for a while now but technology has taken yet another leap by presenting a fully functional 3D pen that literally lets you draw in the air and creates a 3D model out of it.


This revolutionary pen comes in a sleek aluminium body which covers the technological wonder on the inside. The pen comes with a speed control option giving you better precision and control of your movements so that every creative output is nothing short of professional. The pen works on the same principle as 3Doodler by emitting melted plastic which quickly cools down to form life like 3D objects that will surely change the way people interact with technology.

The pen is powered by a USB cable which makes charging it quite easy. You can also go in for colored refills to really bring your art to life. This technology will surely breathe in new life in the fields of architecture, fashion designing and construction as it will now be possible to draw life like objects and view them from different dimensions thanks to this pen. You can create 3D architecture designs, prototypes and little custom jewellery and art sculptures with this amazing piece of technology. You can also find other useful gadgets that help you professionally through snapdeal coupons to get them at the best prices.


You can now bring your imagination to life with this amazing new gadget which will surely leave you gob smacked and leave you wondering at how far technology has come. The ABS refills too have been designed to better suit your needs and offer more flexibility and malleability as well as a good temperature resistance. However one should keep in mind that while in use, the pen emits a strong odor of hot plastic and the plastic starts melting at 356?F and works at 446?F giving it a good range. The colored refills however have a more pleasant slightly sweet smelling odor and have less resistance as compared to the ABS refills. They tend to melt at 320?F and work at 356?F making them less resistant to heat and a little prone to moisture but even then they will add a wonderful dash of color to your artistic creations which will beautifully come to life.


This professional tool can be put to a variety of uses as it can give a professional look to freestyle art and help bring it to life. The pen is to hit the markets soon and will be available at attractive early bird prices but will cost more than the 3Doodler but it seems that the pen is surely going to be worth every penny given the amazing feats it can perform. This pen surely sounds promising and something that helps take technological innovation to the next level!

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The DNetWorks Team