Review: NomadClip for iPhone 5 / 5S / 6 / 6+

After producing a charger card in 2012 that turned out to be quite a hit, Nomad, once again lived up to its name and introduced yet another minimalistic design, which is much more than meets the eye.




At the first glance the NomadClip looks like a wide carabiner, but is actually a D-shaped polycarbonate clip with a steel spring loaded hook and surprise, a lightning cable!

The clip is made of a single piece of aluminum and sheathed with scratch resistance polycarbonate plastic. The steel clip reestablishes itself and needs the right amount of pressure to pull back. The extremes of the clip conceal the lightning cable and the USB connectors.



So if you’re a biker, or travel a lot, or work from wherever you are, NomadClip turns out to be quite a lifesaver in two ways actually, as a clip and a lightning cable, saving you the extra weight of another charger. NomadClip can be easily clipped onto your belt loop, sack-bag, bottles and act as a keychain.


Tests have shown that the NomadClip can go through really tough times, like you could actually clip on a 1ltr bottle to your bag and not worry about it falling off. Though Nomad’s website says it shouldn’t be used for climbing purposes, barring that it can take on almost anything.

The idea behind the NomadClip was to provide consumers with a multipurpose product that allows them to charge their smartphones from wherever they are, all they need is a computer or a TV.



NomadClip Three

The NomadClip (MFi – Made for iPhone) is priced at $39.95 USD, now while some people may say that is quite steep for a clip, we beg to differ. Consider this, a sturdy USB charger would cost you $29 for Apple and around $15 for Android, a sturdy clip-on would cost you atleast another $15, combined with the fact that you don’t actually need to carry two different things on you, we think that the NomadClip is a pretty good deal.

The DNetWorks Team