Review: MiPow Playbulb Candle – Bluetooth Controlled Digital Candles

Eleanor Roosevelt said,  “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. The future will hold that true more and more, and with the ascend of technology its going to only get better.

The Mipow Playbulb Candle as tiny it may be makes that statement. Available in a single and a pack of one or three, the Mipow Playbulb Candle is a bluetooth enabled smart led device. Its a fun candle holder when turned upside down, a digital candle when turned upright.

A nice accessory to add to your balcony garden, bedroom or living room. You could also use them in groups to create a spectacular effects at  home parties.

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What’s in the box?

The Playbulb Candle comes in simple packaging, the front displaying the Playbulb in the range of colours it offers and  the back of the box  give enough information for proper use.

The box contains the Playbulb Candle, a quickstart guide and three frangrance rings.



The Playbulb Candle is easy to set up, it uses three AA size batteries to run. You can also insert one of the fragrance ring by taking off the fragrance ring cover at the bottom on the inside of the Candle.  The rings come in three colours purple, red and green but essentially have the same fragrance. On turning on the Candle it displays the range of colours it has to offer, this can be controlled by an app that functions via bluetooth, Playbulb Candle X availble on the IOS and Android markets.




Flameless Light – One of the things that makes this digital wonder even more exciting is that you can blow it off like a real candle. Make sure while doing so you are as close to it as possible to trigger the sensors  or you could just place your palm on the top to make it go off.

Ambient night light – You can use the Playbulb candle as a night light easy to turn on and off from your bedside.

Smart Candle – Like we mentioned above, playing with colours is now at your fingertips as this candle can be controlled via your smartphone, the IOS app is fluid, easy and fun to use.

Colours and effects –  The candle offers a range of  RGB colours and various lighting effects like flashing and gentle fading and blending too.

Fragrance rings – One of the best features of this candle also is one of its major drawbacks. Its great that it comes along with three fragrance rings, but the fact that they are all the same fragrance and that there is no way to buy more rings is a slight disappointment.

Tea-light holder -   It can be converted into a simple tea-light holder with a flip. Perfect for the moments when you want a flame at the table!




Technical Specifications

  • Voltage 4.5V (3AA batteries) / LED Power 30mW
  • Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth SMART)
  • Apps PLAYBULB X / Apps Supported Devices iPhone 4S or above (running iOS7 or above) and Android 4.3 or above (with Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Controls PLAYBULB X App control
  • LED Colors Red, Green, Blue and White / LED Current 15 – 20mA

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