Improve Your Personal Fitness With Social Media

You’re probably wondering about how ‘out there’ the title of this article is, and who can blame you? With probably over 2 billion active users on the respective social media platforms all seemingly intent on sharing the tedious slides of their kids and comparing vomit splattered clothes on their ‘oh so’ amusing night’s out, hmmm. So how can the same sites offer anything remotely healthy? Well, we hate to break this to you, but you would be wrong and in this instance, we are correct! Before you move onto the next web page, please give us the chance to prove our point to you lovely people. So here goes…


Healthy Food

Surely one of the wonders of social media platforms is the apparent ease with which you can connect with people from all walks of life. And if you happen to visit places as far flung as these virtual destinations, you can ask for advice on where to grab a healthy and delicious snack. You can even get the lowdown without asking for personal recommendations, but where would the fun be in that? Just type in a few of your favourite food types into the search bar and any number of choice options will be waiting for you almost instantly. Fast food is okay, but let’s leave that for the airports and experience the real flavours of wherever you happen to be, and social media will be there right with you all of the way.

Health Blogs 

Finding a source of inspiration is something that causes millions of us to fall at the first hurdle, but it needn’t be that way. Just check out the hundreds of thousands of health blogs that can offer you some real life journeys, and then some. You can find almost any type of healthy or positive lifestyle blog and striking up an engaging conversation is no effort at all. Or how about starting your own blog and inviting the world and his wife to come along for the ride?

Support Matters

As well as blogs, you can garner no end of helpful support from your Facebook profile. Simply create a new page and declare your new and healthier intentions for all and sundry to see. Create your own bespoke fitness or healthy eating community and you will soon have more connections with FitnessTrainer types and will get decent advice than you ever thought was possible. Sharing tips, giving and receiving advice is all a part of this symbiotic relationship that has become so popular since social media first exploded onto the scene.

Discover New Services

If you are looking for a new personal trainer, or perhaps an aromatherapy spa to hang out at on the weekends, just look at your social media hangouts. You can go directly to them via the various adverts, or perhaps ask for recommendations. The testimonials are usually out there and if the service is less than excellent, you would soon hear or read all about it.

Social Health?

So there you have it, a handful of excellent reason to look a little closer at the wonderful world of social media, it really is all things to all people!

About the Author: Nancy Baker

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Aroma Spa, a renowned nail spa in Chicago. She is passionate about cycling and is always looking to help amateur riders. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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