How Technology Will Help You to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship is tough going for any couple and a true test of your dedication to each other. Not only is this difficult because of how much less often you’ll be able to meet with one another which can leave you missing your partner, but also because of how much work staying in touch involves. This is a sheer logistical challenge which can take it out of you.

But difficult though this undoubtedly is, we do at least live in an age where this is easier than ever before. Here we will look at some ways in which technology can help you to keep your relationship going even over great distances.



The first way in which being in a long distance relationship is easier thanks to the technology available, is in the way it allows us to more easily communicate with those who are a long way away. Sure you could always use the phone, but this has potential to get expensive. Furthermore, talking on the phone simply takes up a lot of concentration and time you can’t do it while doing other things.

The key to staying strong in a long distance relationship is regular contact. That means you should be talking for a while at least every two days. Otherwise you won’t really be in a ‘relationship’ in that your partner won’t have that much impact on your day-to-day life or thoughts.

Talk regularly however and you can stay up-to-date with what the other person has done, you can help to ensure you’re in each other’s thoughts and you will find that it feels much more as though you’re in a relationship instead of just keeping up a façade.

Thus using Skype or Facebook chat to talk regularly is a great way to stay in touch even contacting each other through Whatsapp. That way you can be talking to your partner while doing other things, you can share pictures and you can even see each other on video. It’s less expensive and less time-consuming than being on the phone but it allows you to maintain that regular contact so that you feel less distant.

Other Activities

What technology also does these days though is to provide other ways to stay in each others’ thoughts. You can play games with each other online (whether that’s a game of draughts or a game of Halo), you can use social apps (such as SnapChat or even Words With Friends) and you can even send gifts using online shopping. Each of these things will give you ways to create more of a connection that you can express in various ways, and this will help to give you more of a real relationship that is made up of more than just a few irregular phonecalls.

Of course you can also use the web to arrange a number of nice surprises for your loved one. You could order flowers and have them arrive at your partner’s house, send jewellery or just send a fun personalised card. One day in the future we’ll be able to meet our loved ones in digital environments using virtual reality. Until then, these ideas should give you some inspiration to help you bridge that distance!

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