Zero failure tips for shortlisting PSD slicing service providers

To survive in the current world of competitive online business, it is absolutely essential for every website owner to ensure that his/her website has distinct features that aid it in standing out from the crowd. Converting your website from PSD to HTML is a decision that’ll help you create the niche you want for your website. Although, converting PSD to HTML is prolific, it demands a high cost of operation as well. In this blog post, you’ll be able to get an idea about the pointers that need to be checked prior to hiring a PSD slicing service provider.

Well, as the proud owner of a business website you might always have been on a constant hunt for the best web development company that can look into the ever-changing requirements for your website. If you’ve decided to switch to the HTML version for your website, then you’ve truly taken an intelligent decision. Below mentioned are a few important things that need to be looked into while choosing a PSD conversion service provider:


ü  Portfolio- Before assigning your PSD slicing project to a service provider; do make it a point to have a look at the prior work done by the respective web development company. To put it more simply, it is highly recommended to go through the work quality of the service provider before finalizing a deal as this would assist you in making the right selection.

ü   Service guarantee- Never skip to check whether the company you’ve shortlisted for your needs is coming with any type of guarantee like 100% customer satisfaction, 100% money refund policy etc. A company which offers such guarantees can be trusted for a long-term work relationship.

ü  Work experience of the employees- Prior to finalizing a contract with PSD to CSS conversion services company; do ensure to check the amount of work experience possessed by the employees. This is crucial for ascertaining that only the best web developers would be working on your project.

ü  Payment Plans- Budget is the most crucial factor which needs due consideration while hiring a code conversion expert. You need to check the payment plans offered by the respective web development services firm and ensure that the same suit your budget.

ü  SEO semantic coding skills of programmers- For any website to rank on the topmost position of major search engines, it needs to be optimized as per the changing algorithms. While choosing a PSD conversion expert for your company’s website, it is necessary to use search engine optimized (SEO) semantic coding techniques. For this, you need to be sure of the SEO semantic coding skills of the programmers, you intend to hire.

ü  Turnaround Time- As a site owner, you should never forget to ask for the turnaround time taken by the web developer for the PSD to CSS conversion. Rather, you should always prefer only those web development firms which come with the fastest turnaround time.

ü  Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)- As a legal agreement formed between two parties to protect non-public business information; NDA should be given due importance during finalizing a web development services company. Check whether the company you’re looking up to for your website code conversion needs is ready to sign NDA or not.

ü  Additional support- Apart from checking the work quality of the company, do make it a point to check for the additional services offered. Since you’d be availing the code conversion services, you’ll require a 100% seamless customer care, after-sales technical support and other additional services. Check whether the company offers such services or not.

Converting the CSS of your website is a big step and you cannot take anything for granted while the conversion process is active. If you access the internet, you’ll get to know a lot about the advantages of converting the CSS of your website. Upgrading your website as per the changing trends can always prove to be beneficial for your business. It can help your site remain visible among your potential business competitors. You can even grab the opportunity of staying ahead of your competitors by getting your website optimized as per the SEO standards. Hope this post would have enlightened you about the role of PSD slicing and its unique advantages.

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