Here are some tips to make an EPIC Mobile App Design

The app buzz is everywhere and it looks like it won’t be tamed anytime soon. With such an uproar in the app world, which designs stand out and get chosen for downloads over the rest? We have done a brief study on the common traits a popular app carries that makes them stand out from the rest. After all, no matter how useful or revolutionary an app might be if it is not dressed in the right design, chances are high for it to drown among the ones that sadly wither away in neglect.


Let’s look at the following tips that developers must look into or incorporate in their apps to get them dressed for an instant download.

1.     Always Keep it Simple:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
? Leonardo da Vinci

The master of Renaissance knew it then and we second the counsel.

Simplicity almost everywhere grabs easy attention from the viewer, almost immediately. Frilly, packed up design almost repels the user to look elsewhere to settle and choose a soothing and simpler looking app. Draw the viewer in and make their selection easy by making the design look less complicated and focused. For example one of the top downloaded apps be it Angry Birds, Facebook or Pandora Radio had the great features, good consistency and above all an easy on the eye app design.

2.     Defined Purpose, Crystal Clarity:

A good developer has the ability to allow the users to progress the application seamlessly where they achieve their purpose directly. A great app design is one where it does not require the need to spell out its goal and purpose. With proper selection of graphic tools and animation the user experience should be a breeze. Above all the app should deliver it’s usability as an enriching and helpful tool for the user, without which they’d feel awkwardly incomplete.

3.     Include Social Sharing:

It is imperative to add social sharing buttons to your app, so that you can allow the users to share the information. This way your users are automatically spreading awareness and inadvertently marketing your app; its functions and endorsing its awesomeness. You could encourage the users to share their experience by posting online your scores or any such activity, where more potential users can see updates. So make sure the social sharing buttons do not go amiss! When we are discussing sharing make sure to use various platforms to promote your application. Using a search engine optimization agency from UK or a place near you can help you enhance the traffic on your application and boost your business. Many people generally prefer using the olden ways of promoting in which they personally do all the work, but when there are professionals who can ensure results, then its best to leave it to them.

4.     High Interactivity:

The entire purpose for an app is an increased interactivity amongst users. If the users don’t feel well responded back or connected, it defies the very purpose of having an app in the first place. A heightened interactive app is an easy win, be it a marketing app from an established brand or a utility app. It needs to reach out to the users where they feel connected. Developers can achieve that and make the app more user-friendly by inserting HTML codes, JavaScript and other programming languages. If the designer aces the web languages then communicating through various visuals would be effortless and ensure a solid grounding app.

5.    Seamless Experience:

The entire user experience should be glitch free and smooth. Few seconds delay could frustrate the user and they could go back to choosing an app with a smooth seamless experience. Apt and speed matters a lot and it is best to make the app efficient with no hiccups. Fortunately such complications can be corrected and improved through design updates and versions, so the user can be given a dream experience as they utilize the app for their benefit.

6.     Update Religiously:

A customer must always be stimulated with new updates. Thus it is imperative to have the structure of your app scalable. Your app should be promising and keeping your prospects and customers happy with its constant new advancements. An effective mobile application design that the capacity to grow and maintain the attention of its loyal users can not only increase the fan base for the app but ensure their loyalty remains so fierce, no other app could battle its way through.

The above results are highly achievable when a consistently proficient developer is hired to do the job. Not only does that increase a beautiful user interface experience but the app automatically becomes more marketable. So while having your app developed always keep in mind that the person designing or executing your valuable idea knows the job well and is well equipped with the programming language to ace the job well. A great design paired with good functionality is a double win for an app. Make sure both go hand in hand!

About the Author: Susan Gray

Susan Gray is a mobile application developer and entrepreneur. She’s currently working at SocialCubix as an iOS application developer, which develops iPhone, Facebook and android applications and maintains relations with industry influencers. Stay Connected: with her on Google+ & Linkedin.