Why the Netbook is Still a Smart Choice

Despite the meteoric rise of the tablet, owning a Netbook may not be such a foreign idea, especially when you consider the advantages of owning such a device. The mini-laptop, which is essentially what it is, has already carved out its own space in today’s market and sits there pretty, not worrying about the increasing number of iPads and other pretenders.



The key aspect which makes the device so popular and such a smart investment is that it is affordable. Compared to some of the large prices on the market nowadays, a measly figure of $250 seems like a fantastic offer for something that is a long-term, secure investment. Many will not want to waste their money on other devices that will not be compatible with future updates and systems, meaning this small price for the Netbook is incredibly good value.

They’re very useful as well, offering a far more efficient experience, particularly for those who like to take their work home with them. Essentially, they’re made for productivity and these useful compact computers are perfect for the journey home, thanks to their small size and the fact that these are netbooks and run full computer software in a way similar to any ordinary laptop.

Whilst they are not constructed for entertainment, it’s still important to consider various aspects of the device beforehand and you should go into the investment knowing what to look for when you buy one. Following on from this, battery life is another strong advantage as they tend to last longer than batteries placed in laptops. Again, this is efficient for business-orientated customers who find themselves travelling long ways for work.


Familiarity is another key aspect which has sustained the device’s sales. Despite it being a fundamentally different product, it uses systems that the masses will be familiar with, reassuring customers that they will not need to get to grips with any new applications that may be more hassle than previously thought.

For those who do want some entertainment interspersed with their productivity, the device supports various media players, though the quality will reflect the lower cost. If that isn’t an issue then it should be regarded as a definite purchase as it really tends to offer a bit of everything for a fantastic price, combined with a battery that can last the whole day if need be.

The DNetWorks Team