7 Best iPhone 5/5S cases for Women

iPhone 5C/5S launch has given a great momentum to case makers to manufacture a varieties of Cases for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C mainly because the size of the phone remains the same.

You must have seen a lot of review of iPhone 5 cases on our website but these are focusses on male users, we wanted to give back to our female readers too, so we’ve curated a list of Top 7 iPhone 5 / 5S cases for Women, which reflect the essence of women and match up to their style.

The Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 / 5S Case


Women love to carry designer handbags and the most expensive and good looking phones around, but when it comes to phone cases / covers they stick to ‘whatever is available in the market’ or the ‘pink cheap case’ but not anymore here is the Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 / 5S case, with the signature LV design, the case is made up of leather and has a microfiber lining, it’s ultra slim but has optimum protection and portability, this is a must have if you’re a LV Fan and you have $315 to spare.

Buy it here

Brikk Luxury Cases


If you have the most expensive phone available in the market, why not go for one of the most expensive cases with the most expensive metal available in the world, Brikk luxury cases are made up of the most precious metals you can find on Earth, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Black Carbon, the price starts at $2500+, but once you have one on your phone, you phone is no less than a luxury item you own, It’s sure to turn heads.

It’s not only luxury, the cases boast some security features too, including, Shock absorption Mechanism, Self locking mechanism and more

You can Buy the cases here

Luxury Swarovski elements crystal Iphone 5 / 5S cases


All of these Luxury Swarovski elements crystal Iphone 5 / 5S cases are handcrafted to perfection and comes with genuine Swarovski Elements Crystal with Official Labels, they claim that the accessories don’t come out easily and prevents your iPhone’s from Water Damages, Scratches and Fingerprints. Cutouts for all ports makes them easily accessible.

The cases start at $200+, you can buy it from their Etsy Page.

Kate spade ‘jewel street’ iPhone 5 & 5S wristlet

wrist-iphone5s-case-1 wrist-iphone5s-case-2

If you’re not a fan of the always on Cases for your phone you may want to look into one of these kate spade ‘jewel street’ iPhone 5 & 5S wristlet. This Glossy, Eye-popping colours wraps a delightful wristlet that stylishly stashes your cards, cash and iPhone. It has a snap-flap closure and a detachable wrist strap, Three card slots; open-faced phone compartment made out of PVC.

Price: $70, buy it here

Case-Mate Barely There 2.0 Pink case for iPhone 5 / 5S


For those who prefer nothing to come between them and their iPhone 5S / 5, this protective ‘Barely There’ pink case by Case-Mate is for you. The colour and the quality is top class as we’ve experienced it first hand, it’s an ultra-slim cases (just 1mm thick), hardly adds any bulk to the phone design to protect your iPhone made up of impact resistant flexible plastic shell, with easy access to all ports.

The Cases is light in weight and has a anti-slip matte finish on it’s surface. the Inside of the case is rubber material which help reduce the impact on accidental drops. he Barely There has cutouts for all of the ports and features. This includes the camera and flash and charging port. This means you won’t have to remove the case to use the fully capabilities of your phone.

You can buy them and other iPhone 5 / 5S cases here

Tri Costal Design iPhone 5 / 5S case


A Chain strapped carrying case for the iPhone turns it into an ultrachic accessory for a girl on the go, Fits the iPhone well, has an average impact resistant, is non-slippery due to the Rubber material used.

You can buy it here

Polka Dots Case For iPhone 5 / 5S – Red




Stay fashionable and never go out of style with our new chic iPhone 5S / 5 red Polka Dot case.

The case is made up on stylist but tough materials to protect your iPhone while in the case, Add minimum bulk to it and high-end fashion look for your phone. You can expect a good level of protection from dirt and dust along with the impact damage protections to ensure that the iPhone looks new and in great shape.

The Polka dots case for the iPhone 5 and 5S provides access to all all the ports along with the 3.5mm jack which makes it easier to use while ensuring that the Phone looks great.

You can pick one of these here

We have carefully pick the best iPhone 5/5S cases for ladies from around the interwebs, do share your too in the comment section.

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