Blackberry Q5 vs. Q10: Battles of Blackberry Brothers

Blackberry, a phone that has changed the whole approach of a business phone! When at one point receiving messages was considered to be a boon, Blackberry made receiving mails and messages seem absolutely easy. Carrying this phone, many people stayed attuned to their businesses and home while on the go.


The blackberry messenger proved to be a boon not only to businesses but also to families. It made staying connected easier than it was when phones only understood messaging.

Blackberry released a whole new family of phones distributed under different segments like Bold, Curve, and Storm etc. Each phone was clearly defined from the other in terms of features and, appearances. But, then Blackberry was blackberry and nothing could beat the overall experience of this phone. With a whole new range of smartphones ruling the phone world, Blackberry had taken a back seat.

Most phones were going the touch way while BB was still known for the QWERTY keypad. This is why BB came up with the new phones Q5 and Q10 to match this new segment and lure its customers with brand new stylish phones. As both phones are meant for different segments and, both are absolutely different from each other, this is becoming a reason for confusion among many people. Which Blackberry should they opt for and why should they opt for that.

Here’s a bit of comparison between Blackberry Q5 and Q10 which would clarify the details of the two phones. Of course, this is not something which will tell you which phone to buy because that would be your decision at the end. This would just guide you through the specifications of both these phones.

Design that Attracts


It is an appealing design that attracts any person towards a phone. This is the first impression of the phone, the appearance and, obviously that is where the comparison would begin too. Firstly both these phones are QWERTY phones. Blackberry has chosen to enjoy its niche category where it rules. While Q5 might seem a little compressed, Q10 wins in matters of looks. It is a completely gorgeous Bold version that would charm you totally.

You would get the premium feel when you hold the Q10 in your hand. Of course, Q10 is built for the premium audiences while Q5 is for the mid segment audiences. Q10 has a glass weave backplate that makes it look awesomely expensive. While Q5 may have a plastic backplate, it happens to be sturdy and absolutely good phone for the hands. The Q5 is a little compressed hence you might enjoy holding it in your hands. Q10 on the other hand is a little huge and so may seem very heavy to the hands.

Screen that Appeal


Q10 boasts of AMOLED technology because of which it gives its images a better view and appeal. Q10 has a touch and type facility too. The colours and vibrancy in Q10 is unmatchable. The brightness and the delicacy of the screen are much better compared to Q5. Though when it comes to images and text, the vibrancy just goes off. But yes it definitely enjoys better angles for viewing and clicking. This is why they say Q10 is unimaginably the best visible Blackberry phone.

The space along Q5 screen is better compared to that on Q10 making the swiping experience better on this phone. You would see that it is very frustrating given the less space and difficult swipe on Q10.

Performance that Speeds


There may be price difference between the two phones but, then both the phones are pretty similar when it comes to checking their performances. The Q10 with its dual core 1.5GHz processor and 2GB RAM performs equally well as Q5 with dual core 1.2GHz processor and 2GB RAM. With a 2GB RAM, the multitasking function works very well with the Q5. 2GB is a much unobserved speed in any mid-range phones. Of course there being the OS 10 which is really not a great experience OS, both phones offer poor experience in terms of browsing and application selection.

There are very few relevant and good apps on these phones. Of course, when considering the phone as a business phone the apps and features are perfect. This phone and OS is perfect for use as a business phone and not otherwise.

Point & Shoot


In most of the smartphones of present times, camera is a very important feature. Most people choose their phones for an instant camera. With features like Instagram, uploading these pictures and making them popular has also become easy. Given this situation, Q10 has a decent 8MP camera which matches the specs of iPhone and S4. You would get decent and great looking pictures when clicked with Q10. Of course, Q5 does not hold that kind of camera. You would certainly struggle to click decent pictures with the Q5. The quality though unmatched, Q5 boasts an equally good pixel say 5MP. You can click pictures good enough to be uploaded but not great enough to be compared to an 8MP. While the camera maybe completely poles apart the photo editing and other bunch of software seems equally good in both. If you are not too keen on a camera but wish for a good priced phone Q5 could be a decent option for you.

Battery that Lasts

Both Q5 and Q10 have powerful batteries that last for a long time. While Q10 lasts for close to 10 hours after being used Q5 lasts for around 9 hours when used. Q5 has a fixed battery while Q10 has no fixed battery. It can be replaced when you remove the back cover. Q5 has an 8GB inbuilt memory card while Q10 has a 16GB inbuilt memory card. Both of them can be upgraded.

Both phones are very good and classy options. You can choose to buy any one of them. If you don’t wish to spend more on phone, you could possibly go for a Blackberry Q5 instead of the high priced Blackberry Q10.

The DNetWorks Team