Battle of two stiff competitors – Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S4 has created waves among the public, HTC One is another phone that has transformed the language of technology to a new level. The two companies are in constant competition, there was stiff competition between the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 last year.


This year, the HTC and Samsung are competing again. The reason for the cut-throat competition is the splendid package in certain areas such as software, camera, display and design.


The single frame design in HTC one has transformed the phone into a strikingly eye catchy devise. The design arrangement is in the form of a no gap mode, with also no room for wear and tear, this in one feature that makes the HTC one stand out from the other devises. In terms of design the HTC one rules.



The Galaxy S4 is fitted with a display screen dimension of 5 inches and the HTC’s display screen is 4.7 inches with a difference of 0.2 inches. The overall screen resolution is excellent with both phones; the viewing angles are remarkable too. The color and white resolution quality is sharper in the HTC one than S4. When it comes to a pleasurable video and movie viewing experience, both phones are equally powerful.


The S4 is embedded with newer technology to its pattern, the admirable new technological aspects of the phone are, and it has the ability to locate fingers which is just a few inches away from the screen. Users can browse through the screen even with gloves. The Air View app is functions marvelously, where users can view important professional and recreational documents more effectively.

Samsung and HTC have made use of the powerful Android technology to the hilt; the Sense interface in HTC is known to offer higher visibility than the TouchWiz interface in Samsung. The two interfaces are supremely designed to create a spectacular screen with a range of apps that enables smooth operating experiences.


Samsung has introduced a range of apps in the S4, and it might be tough to select the best one from a never ending range of apps to choose from, the Blink feed app in HTC is known to be a thriller, where you can gather worldly information. In terms of interface both phones are equally dominant.

For a quality time with your phone with respect to music games and movies, after a hard day’s work, HTC One seems to be the better choice in terms of sharp base acoustics. The S4 doesn’t fail to impress either, but is not as impressive as the HTC one. There are a couple of stereo instruments in the HTC one which makes sharing music and movies with family and friends a more enjoyable experience. The music quality is extremely sharp, that it is audible even in booming loud market places.

Many people opt for smartphones, to enjoy a great music experience; the HTC one overrides the S4 in this aspect.


The 13 mega pixel camera in Samsung Galaxy S4 has is the latest talk of the town, the HTC one is incorporated with ultrapixel units. HTC is known for its quality cameras. The image resolution in HTC one is known to be detailed with lesser clarity compared to S4. When captured indoors and in dim light, the image quality is over the top. The photo quality in HTC one is indeed credible, but the S4 is fitted with a 13 megapixel camera that can deliver superior image qualities.

samsung-galaxy-s-iv-mobile-phone-large-8The camera features in both phones contribute to a fun capturing experience with dynamic zoom capabilities that can be captured in a perfect background. HTC one is fitted with the Zoe camera feature that can capture simultaneous pictures and videos that can capture video albums for a short period. The shooting can be performed through the merge of video and images. The interesting part is even still images can be captured with a range of remarkable options like, white balance, panorama and so on. The S4 is inserted with a range of camera options as well but the features are not as exciting as the One.

The hardware processes in both phones are identical, with the popular and efficient quad core processor, 4.0 NFC, Bluetooth, and Infra Red blasters for monitoring television and many other devises. The main concern with both devices is the battery duration which does not last for more than 9 hours. The S4 is enabled with a battery replaceable devise, and users can modify the battery if it wears out. This is still not a pleasing feature, since it is beneficial to own a devise with battery capacities that can last for a full day.

Both phones are premium makes, HTC one is a worthy purchase for those interested in video shooting and photography, and can be extremely useful during life remembering events such as birthdays, weddings, parties and so on. The mega pixel camera in S4 is also of supreme standards, but is not as effective as the HTC One.

For an ideal touch experience the S4 rules, since the sensitivity is so high that the touch screen can be explored with the aid of gloves. For a dive into new innovative features the S4 is a better option with the Air Gesture feature that enables a superior emailing and browsing experience.

There are other interesting features as well such as S Health, S Translation and so on. The most important aspect that makes the S4 a worthy buy is the range of apps to choose from compared to HTC One. For a new fun filled phone experience, the S4 might be a more worthy purchase.

For those interested in a phone with amazing appearance, camera quality and color resolution, the HTC one is a better bet.

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