This is how a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack looks

You must have surely heard of the terms DDOS if you are from the Internet town, we used the term quite often on The DNetWorks. In fact, we dedicated an article to help understand what the heck are these.

You also must have heard it on the News or on Twitter, where Anonymous takes down a website or group of Sites against some cause or the other.

Basically, what they do is, in most of the cases, overload the server where the website resides with so much of traffic that it just can’t serve new request, so the site becomes unavailable briefly, they use a lot of compromised computer (called, botnets) to carry out attacks so a lot (Crazy-lot) requests come to the server overwhelming its resources, we’ll write a separate article for those interested in details.

To the people who still haven’t got the idea, here is a graphic representation of what happens when a DDOS attack happens


The dots sent from the right are requests sent from compromised PCs(botnets) and the place where they all come together is the server that was trying to receive all these requests but it couldn’t and that created this DDOS.

This is a DDOS Attack on the VideoLAN Infrastructure captured with the help of Logstalgia. Check out he video below.

What do you think about it?

The DNetWorks Team