Review: Draco 5 Aluminium Bumper Case for the iPhone 5

I have been using various cases for my iPhone 5 but not only they make it look bulkier, the ones with the most protection makes my iPhone look ugly, what do I do? Well try and get a bumper case to make it look sleek, doesn’t work?

Try: Draco 5 Aluminium Bumper Case for the iPhone 5, it’s a superb bumper case for your iPhone 5 which adds the richness to your phone while maintain the sleekness for the iPhone 5, also not adding weight.

MobileFun send across the Darco Aluminium Bumper case – Astro Silver, which blends well both with the white and the black iPhone.

The Aluminium bumper is made from the same grade of of material you find on aeroplanes. It is very tough and sturdy. Tougher than any other kind of bumper I’ve seen before.

The volume, switch and sleep/wake buttons are over laid by specially designed buttons which come with the case. They are as good as the case.

The bumper is designed to fit well in the hands and gives a good grip on the phone.

First Look and What’s in the Box

  • Draco Design Aluminium Bumper
  • 2 X Spare Screws
  • Hex Wrench

no Scratch guards here


The back of the box has instructions written about how to install your Darco bumper, I tried not to read it and put it up on my iPhone 5 didn’t work, went back the instructions and Voila! don’t repeat the mistake.

IMG_1702 IMG_1704 IMG_1705


Instructions written on the pocket which contains the wrench and spare screws.



The Box has a unique referencing and validating system, where you can check if you’re Draco Bumper is genuine by simple reading the QR code with your smartphone, something that I haven’t seen in any of the cases, bumpers or gadgets reviewed until now.



Installation and Usage

Let me be honest with you, this isn’t the easiest of the cases to install on your iPhone, it will take some time to get the knack of how to go about.

The bumper is of 2 parts, You attach the big part first and then the second part, they’re then held together by two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. Applying the bumper was quite trick and annoying. The buttons would either drop out or you really had to push the two parts together to get the screw in.

It also took me a good 5-10 minutes just to put it together. Obviously, A lot longer than it should have. It could easily be improved if they attached the buttons to the bumper itself.

The Bumper has it’s own power button, Volume and Mute button that lay over your phone’s buttons

IMG_1719 IMG_1718

Charging the iPhone with the bumper is not at all difficult nor is it hard to connect the cable and sync it to Mac.


Screwing in the screws with the wrench takes a bit of a time, but the result you see is worth the waiting time.


There is no delay whatsoever due to the overlay buttons, nor do they cause any un-comfortability while using the phone.



  • High grade aluminium
  • Ultra light
  • Very tough and scratch resistant


  • Expensive
  • Tricky to apply
  • Can take a while to take off

Final Verdict

While I do love the Darco Aluminium bumper for the iPhone 5 because of it’s minimalistic and beautiful looking design and the use of high quality material that goes into making the bumper, I must also say that I am impress with how light the case is, however, the installation does take time and the price is on the higher side, but it’s justified due to the materials used, if you have that money to send on a case, this is the one you should go for.

Thanks to MobileFun for sending across the Draco 5 Bumper, check out more iPhone 5 cover

The DNetWorks Team