5 Essential Apps for iPads

Any tablet, whether it is from Apple, or Google, Amazon, blackberry or Windows, you need a lot of thinking on which one to buy. This means that you have to do a lot of research over the facts and match them up with your requirements of using a tablet.


Buying an iPad

When I had to buy a tablet, I looked for the ones that were available in the market a year back. I had the choice of Nexus, iPad and Blackberry Playbook. However, I was all up for the design and the specs of the iPad. All my requirements and my needs matched up with the iPad and I had to make sure I had the budget. After matching up all my requirements with the tablet, and my budget as well, I made sure my dad bought me the tablet. It is always good that you have the support of your elders in anything you do. He also told me I should buy good iPad covers as well. They are good for protecting the iPad as well as the looks and style for the iPads.


When I bought it, my first concern was to make sure I downloaded good apps for it. I love using different apps for it and I would love to share some that I downloaded. They are good recommendations and you will love them too.

  1. Skitch:skitch-ipad
    While you want to elaborate the images and put weight in their meanings, you can sue this app. The app helps you to add arrows, captions, and texts to the images. It is just like creating comics and images that speak for you. You can download this app free from iTunes.
  2. Evernote:evernote-ipadThis app can help you define your documents, save them, save images and then transfer them all to your online cloud account on Apple. You can now download this data as well from any iOS device.
  3. Reeder:reeder-for-ipad3If you are an RSS Feed lover, you will love the functionality of this app. It synchronizes with Google Reader and helps you to read all your feeds every day without having to view a clutter of news. You will love the format of the application that has a good interface.
  4. Flipboard: This is an online, digital image based magazine. You can easily get all kinds of images from different online magazines according to your interest. You can also define from where you must get all the news and images from magazines, such as Times and New Yorker etc.
  5. Netflix:netflix_app_icon_250x250You have probably read about Netflix and are able to use it on other devices like your laptop and PC; however, its iPhone and iPad version is here. Just like before you just need to have a subscription for it, and then you will be able to view all the files, media and other stuff form online players like YouTube, HBO etc.

For more apps, you can directly login to the iTunes account and then you will be able to gather more information on apps you want. Apart from this, look on third party app stores as well if you are somehow not able to find anything on the iTunes store.

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