Apple profits > combined profits of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Ebay

Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it, The Cupertino based Technology giant is raking up the profits like there is no tomorrow, crushing the competition and getting them to their knees, turning everything it touches to Gold!


We’ve heard enough times about the sales of the newly launched devices by Apple, they sell like hot-cakes rather the Hot Cakes sell like Apple products, we also can’t miss the insane margin the company keep which other can only dream of.

Although it fell short of the estimations they had, Apple have an outrageous $8.2 Billion in Net profits on $36 Billion in revenue, this when they released the iPhone 5 JUST in the US.

Apple wrapped the fiscal year profit of $41.7 Billion on $156.5 Billion in revenue, far ahead of its closest competitor.

Want to know how much? Statista has compiled an interesting chart to showcase just that, Apple is not only the most profitable company but is FAR FAR ahead of everyone else.


Apple profits are followed by the Facebook Yahoo Amazon Microsoft Google Ebay combined.

Wait, what? You read it right! Those six big-time companies only managed to earn in $34.4 billion in profit in the past four fiscal quarters combined!

The PC industry has been bullied too! Dell, Intel, Asus, Acer, IBM, HP and Lenovo altogether didn’t even make half as much money as what Steve Jobs’ baby did.

In the Smartphone category, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and RIM raked $12.8 Billion which is less than 1/3rd of Apple’s profit.

I am sure there will an argument if I don’t write this, Samsung, is and has a wonderful financial year, breaking all the previous sales and profit records, on the other hand the other smartphone companies have been facing major loses and the glory doesn’t seem to return, lets face it, anytime soon.

What we are saying is it’s not exactly fair to put Samsung in the same bracket as the other, who’ve been losing money lately, but we can’t take away the fact that Apple is making far more profit than Sammy, Even if Samsung was compared to Apple all by itself it will still lose the battle.

What’s your opinion?

The DNetWorks Team