Facebook starts accepting payment via Prepaid Phone credit, Western Union, MOL and more

Just stumbled upon the new ways to make payment to Facebook, did you know you can use your prepaid credit/Add to the mobile phone bill to pay for Facebook Ads?

Will enabling a promoted post for on one of our account, we came across a unique way Facebook is already using to receive payment, Pre-paid mobile credit/add to mobile bill.

Once you select that option if you’re a pay-as-you-go user your money will be deducted from your credit/balance while if you’re on a contract phone or billed every month, the amount will be added to your phone bill, convenient?


As you can see, when we selected a post to promote on our personal profile, we received the following options, One can pay via the Mobile phone, Paypal Account, A credit Card, MOLPoints, Western Union QuickPay and Moneybookers.

While selecting Mobile Phone is a slightly expensive option, so for eg. when we selected that option we were required to pay INR. 99, approx $2 while, doing the same with Paypal, we were asked to pay $0.30, strange how the calculation works out for Facebook.

Having said that this is a handy option for payment.

What do you think about it? Would you pay using your phones credit/balance?

The DNetWorks Team