Mac OS X Lion on a web browser, Online; without any setup, try the Mac OS on any browser

So, you don’t have an Apple computer but want to get the feel of it? While you can Hakintosh your PC to run Mac OS X, it is a tedious process and it takes some level of technical understand and Command Line editing.

Alessio Atzeni, has created the unique Mac OS X Lion experience using CSS3, it’s brilliant, I am sure you guys are all excited by now of how does it work and how can you try it first hand, well, here is how


Can you believe the entire look that you see above has been created by HTML5 and CSS3 to mock a Lion-like interface, in simple words, it’s on a webpage.

And guess what, excluding the application section, everything else is usable, it isn’t static.

Once you start the project, by going to the below link, you are welcomed with the Mac OS X Lion Login page, waiting for you to enter a password, the password is admin once you enter that, you will see the above screen.

You guys really need to go ahead and try it, if you are a web designer or a web developer it’s a great source of inspiration of the possibilities with HTML5 and CSS3.

Imagine an OS which can run on a browser! how simplified Life could be, use a booting program to start the terminal which can programmatically be taught to connect to the internet and open the browser and then, the OS loads on the browsers, just imagine the cost cutting at the client side, possibilities are limitless.

What do you think about it, oh and here are the link to test Mac OS X on a browser. Feel free to test it.

The DNetWorks Team

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