Google developer accidentally flashes the Google Drive on phone

In one of those OOPS moments, Google developer accidentally showed the Google drive on his Galaxy Nexus.

It happened during an Android Developers Hangout session on Google+, a social networking initiative that lets you “meet, share and connect with the people behind the Android developer experience”. Said employee was showing off the sharing features of an app on his Galaxy Nexus, when a logo that looks a lot like Google Drive’s supposed icon popped up on the phone.

It was first noted by Verve and then the news spread like wildfire on the blogospere, Google decided to delete the video from YouTube by luckily we’ve found a copy of it on YouTube, check it out.

So, it is been distributed internally and it become viable with this video, also the launch become imminent in the near future.

Google drive that is expected to come out this Tuesday, will also offer free online syncing of your files (all 5GB of them).