Awesome Facebook for ICS, as visualized by a Redditor

Lets be honest, Facebook app for Android is not that great of an Application and is under criticism by the Androiders, the reason being, the functionality SUCKS, it looks stale and doesn’t have an appeal.

We do not see any initiatives for an improvement from Facebook as well, not at least currently. However, a Redditor monkfishbandana took it upon himself and came up with a mock-up design and probably show Facebook, how to get it right for Android, especially for the good looking Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here are the mock-ups:









So, if Facebook Dev Team sees this and gets inspired, iPhone users will be in awe.

The Mock-ups don’t only look good but have some features that are missing from the App that Facebook currently has for Android. including:

  • The Timeline that lacks location and studies at icons
  • Request notifications have been dropped from the action bar and added to the Friends section
  • The Create Event and Create Message buttons are missing

We think, the Facebook ICS mock-ups are amazing, what do you think of it?

Source: Reddit via: AndroidPolice

The DNetWorks Team