Top 8 feature a future Cell Phone could have

Mobile Technology has been rapidly moving forward. I mean, who would have thought 50 years from now that you could watch a movie not in a Cinema hall but on your personal phone, which Cinema Effects. We’ve seen some awesome concept phone, here and here. But these look doable in the near future, let’s get out of this and think about things that are currently not possible but we would want in our phones.

Here are some of my bizarre thoughts, as Steve Jobs says, “Think Different”, so here it is.

1. Call Jammer in the Cellphone itself

A superb feature would be the ability to jam all cell phones within my hearing distance. This would be great when I am having quiet visits at restaurants and coffee shops, or enjoying live musical performances, and others are distracting me with their cell phone conversations or their phones keep ringing.


2. Call Anticipation

Right now, my cell phone can tell me who is calling, or what number a call is coming from. In the Future, I would want a cell phone that will tell me what the caller wants to speak with me about. It would be very helpful to know whether my brother is calling to borrow money or just to tell me that he misses me.


3. Call to clear Traffic

My cell phone has a GPS-related feature that warns me of traffic congestion up ahead on my programmed route and suggests an alternative route. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your phone calls all cell phones in every vehicle on the route you wish to take and give them alternate routes so that you can stay on your chosen course free of traffic problems. LIKE.A.BOSS


4. Personal Cone of Silence

So, when I am in a public place and on the phone, I would want to a phone that creates a personal cone of silence, so that I can talk undisturbed and without disturbing those around me.


5. Parking Spot Clearance

I also want my cell phone to be able to find and call the owner of the car that is parked in that perfect spot, and tell them that there is an emergency that requires them to vacate that spot immediately.


6. Strategic Breaking-out

I, vision a feature in my future phone that knows me so well, that when I am on the phone and about to say something stupid, it breaks-out the line and avoiding the other party from hearing what I am about to say


7. Call avoidance test

This Feature would tell me if the person is avoiding my call or is just not around the phone or is busy and would call me back.


8. First Aid tools

In case I or someone around me meets with an accident, my phone could take care of all the emergency calling and responding, while I stay calm and help myself or the person injured. Alternatively, if you get a prescriptions from a doctor and secrete those medicines out


I know these sound absurd, and require a huge technology leap, but someday I would wish to see all these implement and will try and implement some of these, Call me crazy, but the people who think they are crazy enough to do such things are the ones who do.


Dhawal D

The DNetWorks Team