[Exclusive] Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) vs. iOS5 vs. Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango; Head to Head, Which One should you buy

There have been host of websites and Technology gurus talking about the hardware of the Awesome Smartphones coming along, no one talks about the Software or the Operating system, well they do, but, the war is always with The iPhones and the Androids et. al, which makes us think of how can you compare an iPhone (Hardware) with an Android (Software) so here is an Actual comparison between the top 3  Mobile Smartphone operating systems





Although, yes, it is a bit unfair to compare two already-released OSes iOS 5 and WP7 Mango  against an OS that is still somewhat in the making (Ice Cream Sandwich); please keep in mind that this is more of a comparison of features rather than a comparison based on how these OSes perform in daily life.




We rather not ignite a fanboy war here. Each OS has its set of pros and cons and it is you, as a consumer, who has to decide which OS fits your bill. I prefer Android myself because of its endless customizability and varied hardware options while other team members prefer iOS because of its overall polish (both in hardware, software department) and high quality apps. It is really up to you to decide which OS is best for you.

So if you are not an Avid customization junkie and dont use more apps then WM7.5 Mango would suit you the best. While if you install a lot of apps and want to try out the latest buzzing apps in the tech-world, iPhone is for you.

If you are a Tech freak like me, who wants to fully customize your phone to your requirements, install a lot of apps and play around with the OS all the time, Android can float your boat.


The DNetWorks Team