Speaktoit, iPhone’s Siri alternative on Android; It doesn’t know what Siri is!

Siri, the iPhone voice assistant has been all over the place, people are going crazy with the idea, Though it is only available on iPhone 4S, hackers are trying to make it available on iPhone 4 and lower models as well, in the mean time, Android folks are trying to use Voice commands and what not to complete against their iPhone friends, but wait look no futher, there is an alternative to Siri on Android already it called, Speaktoit Assistant.


android speaktoit



It allows users to use natural language, just speaks like a human and not a robot. This Android app will send post to Facebook and Twitter, send emails and texts, check you in places, look up weather, call people, take notes, add things to your calendar, look up information, translate foreign languages, find news, check the traffic and so much more.

Speaktoit has an avatar with a personality, basically a face and a voice, which is what Siri does not have. You can choose your very own avatar or build one its up to you; this is a fun feature that you do not have to have.


Here are some screenshots for you check out








Oh and one more thing.. it is for FREE, available on Android Market, For All Android devices running Android 2.1 and above. Download Speaktoit

You can try out Vlingo and Android Voice Actions as well


The DNetWorks Team