Did you know: You have more than one Facebook passwords; Actually three

That’s right, you have 3 Facebook Password, confused? We shall explain what are these 3 Passwords. Firstly, this is not a security issue, secondly, no one other than you knows the other 2 password, YES, you know those password. If you are still paranoid, let us go ahead and tell you all your 3 Passwords.

Here are you 3 Facebook Passwords

1. You Original Password

This is the password that you use to login to your facebook normally.

2. Your actual Facebook password with first letter capitalized, this is only available for mobile devices, though.

Generally mobile phone tend to capitalize the first alphabet of the word, and hence, Facebook allows the password, even if your phone capitalizes the first alphabet of your password, Cool isn’t it?, well, the next one is even cooler 😉


3. You Original Password with Case reversed!

You may think, what is going on but, yes, unlike yahoo and gmail and other services that prompt you that your CAPS lock is ON, Facebook takes a new approach; So if you password is PASSWORD1234 then password1234 shall also work, but not any other combination of lower case and upper case characters.

Also, If your password is PaSsWoRd1234, you can log in with pAsSwOrD1234, but not any other combination of lower case and upper case characters.


This is not a bug in Facebook, they have intentionally designed it that way. This really isn’t a huge security problem, although if someone is trying to brute force your Facebook account, they can technically try significantly fewer passwords.


The DNetWorks Team