Google+ open itself to public, makes its impossible to go unnoticed

With Google+ getting announced of going public it becomes clear what Google’s intentions are about the it’s very own social network. However, not very often you see Google going Gaga at this level about it’s product.

Try Going to and you will see a HUGE Arrow drawn to seek your attention to join Google+

oh, and that BIG blue arrow that you see there is not annotated by us, that is how google wants you to see the link to Google+.

With approximately 99 Million people visiting every week, and the most blatant ad we’ve ever seen on Google’s homepage, Google+ user numbers and engagement should be growing leaps and bounds.

This new antics of Google is considered a great marketing tool, oh and By the way, there are about 25 Million users on Google+ right now. Let’s see the rise in number after this trick, we will keep you reported about it

The DNetWorks