Internet 1996 vs 2011; Changes with the internet

In the last  15 years, there have been a lot of changes. If you think about what the Internet looked like 5 years ago,  10 years  ago and even  15 years  ago, you know the evolution of the  World Wide Web  (as it was more commonly known in 1996) at the lightning speed.

We posted a humour article about If internet exist ever since the start of the world,  where we should how the site would look like, but that was just a conception. We are here with a reality.

Social networking services have become increasingly prominent as technology  has become more ubiquitous, but the face of the Internet  has changed almost beyond recognition.

An interesting infographic published by  Online University  takes a look at just how much the Internet has changed since 1996. They writes about the differences: It’s immediately recognizable: the bad fonts, the spinning GIFs, and all manner of regrettable  web design. But that isn’t to say that we don’t look back on it fondly. Indeed, we came of age on that Internet of long ago.”

According to the infographic, the number of Internet users in the U.S. has increased from 20 million to 245 million, while Americans are now using the Web an average of 27 hours per month compared with 30 minutes per month  15 years  ago.  This mainly has been possible due to the prices of PCs going and a few more factors like different devices to access the internet(Mobile phone, tablets, et. al), easy  accessibility  at a  comparatively  lower rate

The Google network of websites (which didn’t even exist  15 years  ago) now reaches 85.1 percent of Internet users. Yahoo! and  Microsoft  websites reach 83.2 percent and 80.9 percent of Internet users respectively, while Facebook reaches 75 percent of all Internet users. Of these, only Yahoo! was in the top 10 websites based on percentage of users reached in 1996.


Amazing isn’t it, they say technology changes every 2 years, but the pace that we are going it seems like it changes every 6 month.

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