Zombie Art on Android – Easter eggs from Google with love!

Don’t you love to find easter eggs, like everyone of us, getting  pleasantly  surprise  is a great feeling and with Google, it is in their DNA to do that.

We showed you the codes to access Android hidden features and settings  and we are here with yet another hidden cookie by Google on their Gingerbread versioned Android Phones

Zombie Art by Jack Larson

Deep within the SDK of our new favorite OS, Android 2.3, is something most didn’t expect to see…Zombies! Yes, Zombies!  So one might ask, Why are there Zombies in my Gingerbread?” One may say that Zombies have a special  acquired  taste for Gingerbread, I mean, it tastes nice, and gives a warm feeling,  particularly  with a cup of Spiced Rum and EggNog. Maybe this is that warm feeling long forgotten by our Zombie friends, and as such, is missed dearly. We could only speculate.

So if you’re looking for some conversation at the water cooler on your choice of wallpaper, or simply have a special place in your heart for Zombies, as does an unamed developer at Google, get the Android 2.3 SDK and navigate to  platforms/android-9/data/res/drawable-nodpi/platlogo.jpg  to show it off at your next Walking Dead LARP party.

Ok, cut the Cr*p, tell me how I could get the Zombie Art on my Gingerbread


Step 1: Go to Settings > About Phone on your Android 2.3 Phones  











Step 2: Keep Tapping in the empty area next to the Android Version  text  for about five to six times. Make sure that the Android Version text is in the center of the screen




Suddenly, you will be the Zombie Art by Jack Larson will show up.


Awesome stuff isn’t it


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