Yet another hidden Galaxy S2 feature: How to take screenshot without any software on Galaxy S2

If you haven’t rooted your phone there are very limited option for your to take a screenshot of the screen you are on, currently on the Galaxy S2, you may be  jealous of you friends having the iPhone that can do it without any software, the GOOD news is even you CAN!

Here is how you can take a Screenshot without any software on the Galaxy S2

1. Press and hold the Home bottom

samsung galaxy S ii how to take screenshot

2. Press and release the power button while you are holding the home button.


Works flawlessly every time. The image will then saved in your your internal storage in /sdcard/ScreenCapture.

Note: it won’t be stored in the “External_SD” instead on the internal 16/32 GB storage.

isn’t it awesome GO make you iPhone friends jealous with the awesome features of the Samsung Galaxy S2

Dhawal D