Problems with lower hearing speaker volume on the Samsung Galaxy S2? Here is how to increase it even further

If you are not satisfied with the volume or are having problems with Samsung Galaxy S2 speaker volume, or it’s very low even when you’ve already set to its maximum volume. Many users are experiencing the same problem and been complaining about speaker volume being way too low on phone calls,earphone, headset and in the car using AUX.


Samsung Galaxy S2: Volume Hack!

This tips might help you solve the problem, give these a try just send us a feedback whether it works for you:

A) Enter service mode by typing below code on your dialer :

click the following:
Choose Handset, headset, Speaker (which ever you want higher volume)
[1] SRC Speech RX Volume
Change default values and higher the values any number of your choosing, here is an example:
[0]0_lvl : 68
[1]1_lvl : 72
[2]2_lvl : 76
[3]3_lvl : 80
[4]4_lvl : 84
[5]5_lvl : 88 Higher these values to until hear volume improvement.

You can also edit the values from:
[2]DST I2S1 TX Volume
[3]SRC I2S1 RX Volume: 100
[4]DST Speech TX Volume: 94

These settings, if they don’t help you, here is an alternative, YESSSSS, we have a Plan B to everything 😉


B) The second thing you might want to try is app called Volume+:…bread/download
This app guarantees to higher the volume without the need of touching it’s default settings, BUT a huge drawback it increases the volume of everything: Headset, speaker and Bluetooth EXCEPT HANDSET which is the most important
(we also downloaded many volume increase apps, but Volume+ was the only one got the job done for everything but handset)

This didn’t help either? Wait we Even have PLAN C

C) Lastly get GOOGLE VOICE app (create a GV account if you don’t have one)…=search_result
just by installing Google and logging on, every time you make a call, your calls get forwarded through Google voice and volume levels become acceptable in ALL HANDSET, HEADSET, SPEAKER, BLUETOOTH (just like phone should of have been)

The Plan C is how one of our engineers at DNetZone, managed to solve the issue

If the above tips doesn’t work for you,   the best way is to take you phone back to the service center

Dhawal D

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