Hardlywork.in The Professional look to Facebook’s Look and Feel, An ExcelSheet looking Facebook interface

Love Facebook? When history is written, how shall ye be judged? Big questions aside, seen below is an Excel spreadsheet. But wait, it’s not! It’s an actual Facebook feed!

What? Yes, a Facebook feed in disguise. See, there’s this website called HardlyWork.in that allows users to convert their Facebook activity to an unassuming Excel sheet. The funny part is everything that’s written on the faux Excel sheet is a newsfeed. Aaahhh.


By having, it seems that it isn’t so bad to be using it at work. It would be downright ridiculous if you aren’t on Facebook when you spend the 9 to 5 in, say, an ad agency or a media outlet. There’s more news happening within the social networking space than any traditional beat.

So unless you’re in a sensitive line of work like the military, nuclear plants, or public office, professional ethics may demand you curb Facebook use. But who are we to preach?

Oh right, this post is about  HardlyWork.in. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

Here’s a question for the fans reading this: At the place you work in, how much time do employees usually spend on Facebook?

via: lifehacker

Dhawal D