Fail whale disappears, Robot takes over Twitter’s HTTP 503 error (over capacity)

It seems Twitter has replaced the Fail Whale with the something is technically wrong robot.  That just doesn’t sound right to me too many words and no rhyme-age. BUT, I do have to say that the little bugger is cute. I mean,  look at him, with his awkwardly lanky arms, missing hand, and  LeVar-Burton-from-Star-Trek glasses.


Now, instead of a whale being carried away by a bunch of birds when something goes wrong, users of the company’s 404/503 error page get a small white robot with only one hand. Then there’s the pain and anguish of having to look at his discarded hand on the floor in front of him. Mean. It’s like a tech version of 127 Days.

While we aren’t sure how long Twitter’s been showing the sad robot rather than the whale image, a quick ask around amongst some heavy users we know brought a “ooh that’s fun”, rather than “oh yeah, saw that months ago”.


Dhawal D