Top 5 Reason to buy a Tablet PC

iPad and other tablet devices have flooded the market, with iOS and Android being at the Top 2, have you got yours as yet?

Well, if not, you should go buy one for yourselves, here are the TOP 5 reason why you need to get yourself a tablet computer

1. It’s Compact

Compared with a conventional computer or even a laptop belonging to the super lightweight, a tablet computer still showed light and easy to “walk around” more. Some have used this product line through the comments, there are still quite severe form when holding with one hand but if held by two hands or put it on a flat surface that the tablet becomes very great.

To handle a computer to surf a little table while watching TV is really comfortable and you will see the laptop unwieldy, heavy and slow to boot out stars.

Compared to a smartphone, though there is a startup speed is quite fast (almost immediately) but the screen is still quite small, not enough to display full web pages as a normal computer table has no rival.


2. Highly compatible

But the game is not the only things you can download and run on a computer spreadsheet. Today, we were pretty lucky since tablets can have ultra gaming laptop specs. You can do anything you want on them. You like reading  the newspaper and follow the news daily from around the world? Please download a variety of  applications  for information. You want “eight” with friends on social networks? Please download the  application  …

Of course, on your computer you can do more but the tablet has been selected by many of the  applications  installed on it “as easy as playing.” You do not need to be wrestling with these “key products”, registration code, serial number ranges … even several tens of minutes and sat waiting for installation. With the tablet, just a few seconds.

In many situations, computer tables suddenly became king. That’s when your smartphone can not do something, but the laptop proved heavy and slow.


3. Don’t worry about the batteries

Most laptops only work from about 2.5 to 3 hours using battery power. Most modern smartphones can only be used one day by batteries with limited conditions, even worse when the smartphone should be charging 2 times daily. But with the tablet, you can work, full of entertainment all day on it without having to worry about out of battery.

4. It is useful

Do not expect a tablet with touch keyboard will help you do more work related to drafting, but in the workplace, it helps you solve a number of things quite quickly and conveniently. For example, you can sit next to the computer and turned to check email, review your calendar with just a touch lighter and glance. While sitting in a meeting, you will be able to record some outlines for speeches, recorded a number of important ideas or an immediate download documents related to meetings … With computer table you will not have to miss the pile of papers and documents as before.

The  students  will also find a useful iPad. Instead of carrying a backpack of books, they just need to download and save electronic textbooks in the iPad.

However, if you need to carry both a laptop for  homework, the computer table can be a burden to  students.

5. Entertainment on the Go

Many people have recognized the tablet is a great entertainment tool. Thanks to a wide enough screen, light weight, watching movies, watching television,  reading  becomes quite comfortable. This is the smartphone can not do it.

Computer gaming table is also a hobby of many people. Not unjustly Angry Birds that developed so quickly, that many people so fascinated. Many experts say the computer has to be dependent on the touch screen to control the game  developers  were forced to find more creative solutions, which makes the game more unique and interesting even more.


i think these will  convince  you to get on for yourself.

Dhawal D