Interesting GPS Facts, We bet you didn’t know

Global Positioning System (GPS) used in almost all mobile equipments now a days, was primarily used for Navigation for Areoplanes and Ships, but now it is  equipped  in most of the mobile phones and Cars for Navigation. But do you know all the Facts about GPS, well, we think not.

Here are some super cool facts borrowed from the Car Trackers Club, which may not make you a genius but at least get you a cut above the rest in this domain 😉

At least 24 GPS  satellites  orbiting the earth, although there are more than 30  satellites, including two reserve  satellites. Did you know you have at least six  satellites  in the region you stand.

  1. Each GPS satellite orbiting the earth once every 12 hours. The satellite flight distance 12.500 miles (20,000 km), averaging 7.000 miles per hour (about 11,000 km).
  2. To get the exact location and equipment of your GPS receiver to combine signals from four  satellites, although in some special cases to just three.
  3. GPS was launched after a disaster. In 1983, 007 flights the airline  Korean Air Lines  had  violated  Soviet airspace after an equipment guide and damaged aircraft was shot down along with all 269 passengers died. The consequences of this accident that U.S. President Ronald Reagan ordered the military to produce a  global positioning system  for civilian purposes was completed to avoid similar accidents.
  4. NavStar starting point is the name given to the U.S. military  global positioning system.
  5. GPS is not just for navigation but it also can be used to  obtain  accurate time. Each GPS satellite has atomic clocks and time signals are sent with them sent. With support from the signals, a GPS receiving device can determine the current time in 1 / 100 billion seconds. These signals are used to synchronize the time on  your cell phone.
  6. The ground antennas spread throughout the world are used to adjust the path of the satellite and the time they sync.
  7. GPS is owned and placed under the control of the Department of Defense.
  8. By 2000, civilian GPS has removed a  feature  called choice is available  (Selective Availability SA). This causes a random error of up to 328 feet (about 100) to reduce the accuracy of the navigation (GPS signal is the difference in purpose military and civilian). SA  feature  turned off on 01/05/2000.
  9. During the Gulf War in 1991, many U.S. soldiers are equipped with GPS devices and functions of the SA was turned off during the war.
  10. GPS is a work session. The system was further upgraded and the  addition of  new satellite. This means the accuracy will increase and the system will become more useful.

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