5 Super Insane home gadgets

If you are into gadgets and technology this post will be a treat for you, but the question that will remain unanswered will be, where can you find these gadgets.

Anyways, lets start with the proceedings 😉


1.  Robotic litter box


It’s an automatic, self-cleaning, robotic litter box. After it has determined that your cat/dog has done its business and exited, it automatically sifts the waste and deposits it into a garbage bag, leaving only clean litter behind. Cool isn’t it!



2.  RelaxOne massager

Is this person getting an MRI? Oddly enough, it’s a massager. The RelaxOne is a massage chair with an elaborate audio system that surrounds you with sound when the pod is closed. The ultimate in relaxation is allegedly achieved through an immersive experience for the senses. All you need to do is bring a Cheesy Spicy  Pasta Arrabiata in there and you’ll be ready to unwind from a long day at work.


3.  Wine-glass doorbell

If you thought this was a rack for wine glasses, it’s actually a doorbell. Visitors to your home are announced by the pleasant sound of a small hammer chiming crystal wineglasses. Well, that and the terrifying screams of people caught underneath a shower of razor-sharp glass shards.


4. USB Shoe Dryer

Dogs with cords — you would think that this gadget would have something to do with pets. If that seems logical you clearly don’t live in Japan, where a USB-powered, dog-shaped shoes dryer is a perfectly sensible household product.



5. It’s a table! It’s a speaker!

At first glance this looks like a coffee table with a very modern design. But the Acoustable is also a powerful speaker. Underneath the hood it features a TEAC system that cranks out 360 degrees of sound from audio gadgets that can be hooked up to the table via USB or Wi-Fi. If anyone dares to put their feet up on it, turn it on and crank that sound up to 11.


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