Top 6 ways to keep your security intact while using a Cybercafe

So you use the internet more frequently, you know there are chances that your account get hacked in more way than one, here are Top 5 tips to ensure your online security

When you are travelling and on other occasions when you are not having access to internet that you own, you will be finding many instances of using the web browsing facility provided by the public portals like Wi-Fi, web browsing centers or internet cafà ©. In such circumstances, this is best to keep yourself knowledgeable of the safety and security measures to be followed in the cafà ©.

  1. Encrypt the data stored in the files and folders of your USB device:
  2. When you are accessing your files and folders on your USB devices, you will find that encrypting documents will protect others from misusing or remotely accessing them. This way you can secure your data on these files and folders. There are a lot of encryption tools available on the internet. You are just a Google Search Away

  3. Use passwords to protect documents:
  4. When you use password-protected documents, then no one else will be able to access the files without the password, even if opened on some other system. This is one of the best solutions for protecting your files and documents in a cafà ©.

  5. Use a USB drive to store your personal data:
  6. These days you find that you boot the PC in the internet cafà © with the convenience of your USB drive carrying all the required softwares and applications with the important files and folders stored in your computer. Therefore, you will be now using only the operating system on the internet cafà © but will be accessing your USB drive backed by real-time monitoring antivirus softwares. Sounds good? if you want to learn more, revert back to me and I will give your the guides and procedures of how to go about for FREE 😉

  7. Delete cache, passwords, cookies and forms:
  8. While this is not possible to clear your browsing history in a cafà ©, the option to clear your history of passwords, cookies, cache and forms from the internet cafà © is a very good habit to protect your email accounts and other files from hacker’s vicious sneakers.

  9. Scan the running programs:
  10. While using the files and documents on some other system, scan the running programs using internet security and antiviral softwares. These will help you be warned of suspicious programs, which might be probable hackers into your personal account and can increase the probability of stealing your personal information.

  11. Use virtual keyboard:

    As hackers can trace every stroke on your keyboard, this is best to use a virtual keyboard online or the online keyboard, you will find yourself being on the safer side of not being monitored and stolen of your personal and confidential information.


There are a few more but you know we will stick to the basic.

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