Laptop, Desktop getting heated, here’s how to solve the problem.

Hearing loud whirring fan noises when using CPU when you use heavy CPU resource like gaming or running a software? It ruins the mood isn’t it?

Not only it is annoying, but also bad for the hardware too, prolonged exposure to a very high temperature can  reduce the laptop’s life-time. Your laptop generates a lot of heat. If you use the same computer for a long period every day, it’s smart to take some measures to cool down the laptop and you’ll be saving yourself trouble down the road.

Here are some tips to get your PC/Laptop cooled and stay that way.

Run in a Power Saver power plan

Running the laptop in the power saver plan can help you cool down the overall temperature at the trade-off of some performance. The laptop will try to use less power and processing power, which will drop down the temperature by a bit.

Get a cooling pad

A laptop cooling pad acts as additional fans to allow a better heat transfer from the laptop to the surrounding air. The cooling pads are also knows as laptop coolers, etc. There are different sizes depending on the dimension of your laptop. There’s also the distinction between active  cooling pads ans passive  cooling pads. The former is basically a panel with a few fans fixed in the center, while the former is fan less and is filled with heat absorbent materials. Both have their advantages and downsides. The active cooling pads are more efficient, but consumes power and generates additional noise from the fans. The passive pads are silent and powerless, but are the effects are only noticeable for a few hours before it wears off.

Clean the fan

clean fan 1 300x225 Its hot! How to make your laptop run coolerGot a old laptop? Chances are that the fan is filled with dust and other particles being accumulated with everyday use. Clean them out using a can of compressed air and a screwdriver. There’s a ton of guides on fan maintenance on the Internet. Check it out  here,  here and  here. Note that the procedure may vary depending on your laptop model, search to see if there are guides on your specific model using Google.

Get your PC Serviced on regular basis

Have a local Mechanic physically clean your laptop. Also remove unwanted software as some may run in the background and increase the CPU usage causing the Laptop to heat up

Undervolt / Underclock the CPU

I wouldn’t recommend this unless you know what you’re doing. Underclocking, as opposed to overclocking, is the process of setting a CPU to run at a lower speed than it is designed for, can void your warranty and may do physical damage if done incorrectly. I won’t talk about how to do it here. There’s also undervolting, which is less risky to the computer and doesn’t sacrifice any performance in exchange for less heat. As it says in the name, it is the process of making a processor run at a lower voltage than it is designed for, this translates into less power used and less heat generated. A guide on how to do this can be found  here.

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