Location Based Services – detailed comparison

Location-based social networks are currently enjoying a great deal of attention, and companies are rushing to get in on new services like checkins and geo-location. But before we all jump on the bandwagon, we need to ask ourselves what we really want to accomplish with social media.

Location — the where  of a social experience.

Location based social networking sites are sites that allow you to check-in from your cell phone when you are anywhere. Many people aren’t using the site because some have a fear that it is unsafe. That fear is founded because it isn’t a good idea to let everyone in the world know where you are. There are some good benefits to using these location based social networking sites though. It is possible that if these location based sites change things a little so that people won’t know where you are until after you have left, it could possibly get more users.

Here is a Comparision between the most popular LBS Services



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