Google Sends Android to Near Space

So, this is exciting, Google sent 7 of its Nexus S phone to near space Via weather balloon for some kinda exploration.

Ofcourse, the phone are installed with Google Maps for Mobile, Google Sky Map, Google Latitude, etc. but what do they want to prove, enough of money on hand or enough of Time? or a Publicity STUNT.

Whatever it is, sounds cool to me.
Here are a few video showing off  the experiments.

Androids in Near Space One

Androids in Near Space Two

“The payloads collected a lot of data, and many reached high altitudes, with the highest topping out at 107,375 ft., over 20 miles high, or over three times the height of an average commercial jet,”  says Google’s Zi Wang. “We also clocked one of the payloads at 139 mph at its fastest.”

“By analyzing all the collected data, we were able to find some interesting trends,” says Wang. “For instance, we determined the speed and altitude of the jet stream: about 130mph at 35,000 ft.”