Technology Billionaires First Jobs

Technology Billionaires First Jobs

It’s not your fault if you are born poor but it is your fault if you die one, this is a famous quote by the Billionaire, Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft. Not all or rather most of the billionaire are not born with a silver spoon, it’s their hardwork, courage, determination,  perseverance  and above […]


Vitamin Named after Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic hedgehog maintains the identity of cortical interneuron progenitors in the ventral telencephalon. Fate determination in the mammalian forebrain, where mature phenotypes are often not achieved until postnatal stages of development, has been an elusive topic of study despite its relevance to neuropsychiatric disease. In the ventral telencephalon, major subgroups of cerebral cortical interneurons originate […]