Google Chrome still remains unhackable

Google Chrome still remains unhackable

Pwn2Own has officially started and  looks  like  several  browsers were exploited with their inherent vulnerabilities.  But not all!  Google Chrome has remained un-hackable during the event and it seems that Google’s  20 grand bet is still up for offer. Google had posted a $20,000 reward to any one who can  successfully  exploit the vulnerability of […]


What Should I do if an Earthquake Occurs?

¢ Protect yourself Protect your head with a helmet or cushion, and hide in a safe place, such as under a table. Running outside is potentially dangerous, because roof tiles and glass may fall on you. ¢ Extinguish flames Major aftershocks can come after the smallest earthquakes. Calmly extinguish any nearby flames. Caution!! If you […]