Rubik’s Puzzle: All you need to know

Rubik’s Puzzle: All you need to know

We are playing with the Rubik’s Puzzle, probably ever since we were a kid, trying the various permutations and combination to get all like color bricks on one side. It was fun, it is actually, to be honest, I have never solved a Rubik Puzzle successfully, there are tutorials and videos on Youtube, also some […]


Lego brick Angry Bird are super Cute!

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds and Lego? Tsang Yiu Keung has created the perfect combination by painstakingly creating the game’s major elements in Lego form right down to the slingshot which hurls the birdies towards the unsuspecting pigs. We are hoping Tsang would share instructions on creating them or we can always wait for Lego […]