What factors makes Windows Phone platform the best

Windows phone is a different kind of platform that brings together the users requirements in an easier and faster way. Business users will experience better productivity through Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Mobile. Simple enhancements are made to make your mobile a delight to use every day. Following are the features that make Windows Phone […]


How to Unlock/Jailbreak your Windows Phone 7.5

There may be many reasons as to why you want to jailbreak your Window Phone 7.5 device. The main reasons are users are not comfortable with the look of interface or limited choice of. Windows Phone 7.5 is a relatively new OS compared with Android or Apples iOS, and has fewer apps developed for it. […]


Why Windows Phone is Facing Issues With the Low Acceptance Rate From the User Community

Has the boat already sailed for new smartphone operating systems? Windows Phone, or WP, is challenging iOS (Apple) and Android for a market share and failing pretty spectacularly thanks to a ream of glitches. Nothing too unusual for Windows there then, except that its market dominance has this time been challenged from the start! […]


Nokia Lumia 620 A Low-Cost Windows 8 Smartphone

Nokia has just announced the release of its low end Smartphone the Lumia 620 that comes in a range of brilliant colors, runs Windows Phone 8, and the price is affordable. The phones though, are slated to be released only in the first quarter of the coming year 2013. The launch would initially cover […]


Nokia Louis Vuitton Windows 8 Concept Phone – Specifications

We’ve seen a lot of concept phones from Blackberry, Nokia and more and they keep appearing in various variations, some of them look impossible in the near future, while some are more practical. The newest entry to the concept phone mill is the Nokia Louis Vuitton phone with Windows 8 Apollo, it of-course is a luxury WP8 with […]


How to transfer contacts between Nokia, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and more

A new phone is brought and there is an excitement to use it but we have all the contact information on the old phone and we don’t want to go ahead entering phone contacts one-by-one, There are various ways to transfer contacts between Nokia, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile etc.   Here are a few […]


Awesome Windows Concept Phone

Well, this is an amazing concept phone by Mircosoft, I don’t if think would be a hit or no, but it sounds exciting   The Weather Update for the Windows Mobile Concept Phone, It’s Sunny     Or Probably it’s Rainy     Call Mode     Have you ever sent SMS this way?   […]


5 Best phones under Rs.15000 for Students – 2015 Edition

Students are no more using their phones only for calling and chatting purpose. From waking themselves up in morning to co-coordinating with friends for a pickup ride till college, from checking out the show timings to deciding which food outlet to visit, from shopping online to taking notes; they are doing it all on their […]


Upgrade Your Smartphone Music Options With These 2 Fantastic Free Apps

If you can remember the days when we rocked out to those huge ghetto blasters and needed muscles as big as Rambo or Arnie just to carry them around, you’ll probably enjoy this article. And if you can’t remember those iconic music devices, how about the Sony Walkman that got so many of us through […]


Best of Class: The Best Smartphones for Every Type of Person

Look on YouTube and you will find countless arguments in the comments section regarding what the best phones are the best brands, the best operating systems and the best models. There are those that love Android, those that love iOS and those that love Windows Phone there are Nokia loyalists and there are […]