Review: Camouflage iPhone 5 / 5S case from Casemate

Casemate known for its out of the box cases have come up with a wonderful looking sturdy yet slim case for your beloved iPhone 5 / 5S, its called the Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo, these is for people who are actively moving around and don’t want their iPhones to be dented or broken, […]


Review: Power Jacket Case 4200mAh for iPhone 5 – Black

If you have always been worried about your iPhone battery running out and you don’t want to carry a separate external battery there is the perfect solution for you. Introducing, the Power Jacket Case 4200mAh for iPhone 5 – Black which adds almost three times more battery level without the needs of a battery bank, it disguises […]


Review: Wrappz.in customised Hard case for iPhone 5

Smartphones are getting expensive by the day, today’s smartphones can do more than things than you expected a phone to do, but with the price tag they carry they need protection at the maximum level. The screen is fragile, scratch-prone and easily breakable. Very few of us do not want to invest in a protective Case […]


Review: Draco 5 Aluminium Bumper Case for the iPhone 5

I have been using various cases for my iPhone 5 but not only they make it look bulkier, the ones with the most protection makes my iPhone look ugly, what do I do? Well try and get a bumper case to make it look sleek, doesn’t work? Try: Draco 5 Aluminium Bumper Case for the iPhone 5, it’s a superb […]


Review: Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 Case

Every once in a while there comes a Case for your phone that you don’t want to change no matter what, At times you love the case so much that you don’t want to change the phone too, that’s what it is for Incipio iPhone 5 case. The Incipio’s Feather case is a Snap-On case […]


[Review]: Pinlo Slice 3 for iPhone 5 – World’s Thinnest iPhone 5 case

We tested the Pinlo Slice 3 Glow in the dark iPhone 4/4S Case a while ago and here we are with the review of the Slice 3 case for the iPhone 5, again, courtesy MobileFun.co.uk We love the minimalistic nature of things and are always looking for cases adding the least bulk and that’s what […]


Review: Man&Wood iPhone 6 Wooden Case

While we’re advancing towards various means and forms of technology our heart still remains in, well, it would be appropriate if we said, the jungle! We want our homes to be adorned with various wooden objects, have the perfect stone or marble tiles and yet our smartphones and other gadgets are an inseparable part of […]


Review: Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White

Let me start by saying that Incipio is one of my favourite brands when it comes to iPhone cases, Incipio’s Feather Shine Ultra thin lightweight case features high density Plextonium polycarbonate with shock absorbing EVA interior. Ideal for people looking to ensure that their beloved iPhone 6 don’t scratched or scuffed, rather than for people who […]


Has Apple iPhone 5C Proved Steve Jobs Right?

On 20 Sept 2013, we saw Apple Inc. launch two successors of the iPhone 5 – the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. This is the first time that iPhone has opted to roll out colored palette, even though this move invited some mocking from Nokia, who drew comparisons between the 5C and its fluorescent […]


Review: The Ultimate iPhone 4S Accessory Pack – White

Mobile Fun has come up with the most unique and wonderful Accessory Pack which contains an all in one suite for all your iPhone 4S accessory needs. The ultimate iPhone 4S accessory pack contains must have items for your iPhone 4S. Designed to protect and store your iPhone 4S / 4 at home, in the […]