Five Reasons Why the Media Is So Effective at Attracting Attention

It’s hard not to be influenced by some form of media. This is especially true when you consider how easily accessible most forms of media are today with smartphones and tablet computers.


This is part of the reason why media is so effective in attracting attention. It’s not a new phenomenon though. The media has been very effective at generating attention long before the days of instant access and real-time video. Here are five reasons why the media is so effective at attracting attention:

1. Messages Are Tailored to the Casual Observer

Even the most casual observer at least heard something about an earthquake in Japan and the misadventures of a little girl named Honey Boo Boo. Consider the forms of media you are exposed to on a daily basis:

• Television
• Radio
• Newspaper
• Internet

It is that last one that has really provided a major boost to the way the media gets your attention, especially when you consider the fact that all other forms of media can be accessed in some form via the Internet.

Factor in techniques like search engine optimization, which involves using carefully selected keywords and phrases to boost a site’s ranking on a search engine, and the popularity of sites like YouTube and it’s easy to see how the media can get your attention – even when you’re not paying attention.

2. Ability to Quickly Raise Awareness

According to many observers, the wave of protests that stormed the Middle East in 2012 originated from young protestors with access to social media in Tunisia. It wasn’t long before the world’s attention was turned to the so-called Arab Spring, which resulted in the ousting of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

This is a stark example of how the media sparks action by getting the word out quickly. Social media, in particular, spreads messages fast and gets attention faster than any form of media was able to do in the past. Consider how fast a video can go viral with just a bunch of clicks from curious observers.

3. Easy Access Points

From what we gather in the lengthy post about the ease of access of media by Yeah! Local, we understand that, the media has long been used as a relatively quick way to reach the masses in times of an emergency in the form of a storm warning or providing information of where to go to seek relief when temperatures reach dangerous levels. This is due to the fact that there are plenty of ways to access some form of media.

News alerts informing consumers of product recalls or alerting neighbors of a possible child abduction can easily scroll along the bottom of your television set, as text message alerts to your smartphone or as news alerts posted on various websites. You can even receive news alerts via your TV screen if you bundle your communications into one convenient package. There are so many Internet-connected devices today that access to some form of media is not much of an issue anymore.

4. Better Ability to Reach a Target Audience

Everybody has their own interests and those in the media are well aware of this fact. Sports fans are likely to visit certain sites frequently while music fans are likely to visit other sites on a regular basis. Even traditional forms of media are more targeted than ever. The ads you see on cable stations that happen to feature local businesses aren’t there by some odd coincidence.

Social sites informing teens of the latest Lady Gaga single via a banner ad or a reminder to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones while you visit IMDB are just a few examples of making an effort to reach a target audience with something of interest.

5. More Choices

There are more media outlets now than ever before. These outlets tend to be more specialized and focused. We are past the days of “everybody” getting their news from Walter Cronkite’s evening news broadcast.

If you don’t like the news you get from CNN, you can flip over to Fox News. Even MTV provides news. If you want to know what the weather is, what the traffic is like, or receive text alerts on what the Kardashian clan is up to right now, there’s an app for all that.

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