[Download] Retro iPhone Theme of the the 80s, If iPhone was available in the 80s this it what it would look like

Apple has a history, a very rich one indeed, Steve Jobs, and his passion for making simple and beautiful technology has been the epitome of Apple’s success.

You must have seen the Apple I & II, but what if Apple iPhone was available back in the days, I am sure it would be as beautiful as now, to show just that, here is the look of a 80s theme on an iPhone 4, don’t ask us how to get this brilliant theme on your beloved iPhone, we ourself are looking for it, but if you find it, do let us know, so that we could share it among the The DNetWorks readers.

Get ready, here goes









As Amazing as it gets, isn’t it? We hope this iOS of the 1986 would come out of the concept to our iPhone. Keep a watch at this reddit discussion

Oh, wait here is an Update as on 23th February 2012 for the iOS86 Retro theme, it is available here, however, you need a Jailbroken iPhone

  1. Launch Cydia and add the source repo: http://repo.ithemes.it
  2. Search Cydia for “iOS 86? and install it
  3. Search Cydia for “Winterboard” if you don’t have it, and download it too.
  4. Launch Winterboard to find and activate iOS ’86 theme (complete the look with a white wallpaper)
It is to be noted that the theme will just cover the native icons while the 3rd party app icon will remain covered, if you could arrange all the build-in apps on one springboard, it would really look awesome!

The DNetWorks Team